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45 Trailblazing Years at LRW

Posted On  September 19, 2018

In 1973 Arnie Fishman left Manhattan in a small roadster with his wife, baby and Airedale terrier, heading west to California… the land of opportunity. A true entrepreneur, Arnie was in search of a more creative business environment, his head filled with the know-how, methods, science and the trailblazing spirit of his mentor, Dr. Sy Lieberman, a leading pioneer in market research.

West Coast clients weren’t always eager to hire the new kid in town, but Arnie convinced them to give Lieberman Research West a shot by letting them take on the projects and problems others couldn’t solve.

In the early 90s, Dave Sackman, a dynamic young marketer on the team drew a grand vision for the company on a yellow note pad … a vision for what could be. Dave’s plan included building deep relationships with clients by delivering smart consultation with a razor sharp focus on having measurable business impact. Under Dave’s leadership, LRW invented new research designs, developed sophisticated analytical frameworks, and pioneered new business models and a global scope. The firm flourished and the company became a global player, the firm became Lieberman Research Worldwide, and ultimately, LRW.

Our founders’ human touch and passion for solving complex problems continue to guide LRW today.

Thank you, Arnie and Dave.


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