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We collaborate with some of the greatest companies on the planet.

5 Research Trends Driving the Gaming Industry

It’s an understatement to say that the video game industry has exploded. In fact, gaming’s global market value has virtually doubled from $76.5 billion in 2013 to...

Sad Dogs and Sad Songs: How Emotions Impact Consumer Behavior

We all remember the TV ads. Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” is playing while images of abused cats and dogs scroll by. Just a few seconds into the ad...

Beyond the Buzz: Online Anthropology Reveals the True Post-Super Bowl Brand Winners

We all know how Super Bowl ads generate lots of conversation at the water cooler and on social media. For brands, a brief spike in social media...

Which Super Bowl LIII Ads Made the Biggest Impact?

There’s a reason why brands spend millions of dollars just to air a single ad during the Super Bowl. Not only is it by far the biggest...

Will Consumers Warm up to ‘Smart’ Coolers?

As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to living under surveillance. From security cameras capturing our every move in airports and shopping malls, to online cookies that stalk...
The Five Core Elements of Consumer Behavior: How Brands Can Use Behavioral Science to Win

The Five Core Elements of Consumer Behavior: How Brands Can Use Behavioral Science to Win

Successful brands understand what drives consumer behavior. Learn how to optimize product and marketing strategies by tapping into gut reactions, emotions, and other key aspects of consumer psychology and decision-making.

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