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LRW translates deep human understanding and sophisticated data analytics into business success for our clients.

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Recognized among the 10 most innovative and 20 largest market research consultancies in the world, we tackle business challenges with creativity, passion, and a collaborative orientation.

Product Development,
and Innovation

  • Predictive Modeling, and Forecasting

  • Packing Design, and Testing

  • Concept Testing

Strategy and
Foundational Research

  • Market Segmentation

  • AA&U

  • Path To Purchase

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Tracking

  • Brand Extension

Advertising and

  • Message Strategy

  • Marketing Mix Strategy

  • Ad Tracking

Customer Experience

  • Experience Design

  • Customer Loyalty, and Attrition

  • Key Drivers

Our Clients

We collaborate with some of the greatest companies on the planet.

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The CMO's Guide to Digital Advertising Effectiveness

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