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Helping clients answer their most difficult questions takes more than just curiosity and intelligence, it takes empathy and a growth-mindset. And it doesn’t hurt to have fun in the process. You in?

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Everyone at LRW is responsible for pioneering new ways, opening new doors, and contributing to a culture of the most brilliant and beautiful minds in the business. We’re proud to say we were voted Most Innovative Insights Firm in North America in 2019 and we kicked off our Big Data Partnership with UCLA’s Division of Social Sciences.


Join the Opportunity Culture

LRW is a place where opportunity and drive intersect to create extraordinary careers.

Our Values

Doing and celebrating great work
  • Measure success by impact
  • Continually raise the bar
  • Embrace hard challenges
  • Focus on actions + outcomes
  • Distribute rewards fairly
client focused@2x
Client Focused
Client Focused
Helping clients be successful
  • Be genuinely curious
  • Understand client needs
  • Show appreciation
  • Consider internal clients
  • Focus on lO’s
Working together to achieve more
  • Be a great teammate
  • Cultivate “one company” mindset
  • Give credit to others
  • Take responsibility for misses
  • Encourage self-expression
Living up to our obligations
  • Focus on achieving our vision + mission
  • Actively support our culture
  • Help others meet their goals
  • Be accountable to our values
  • Be resilient + persistent
Being fearless and supporting it in others
  • Encourage smart, calculated risks
  • Speak up when you disagree
  • Run to problems
  • Learn from failures
  • Have hard conversations
Moving passionately toward goals with determination
  • “We’ll figure it out” attitude
  • Don’t rest on your laurels
  • Set challenging goals
  • Be passionate
  • Do what others won’t
financial health@2x
Financial Health
Financial Health
Driving business results to create opportunity
  • Impact+ superior profitability
  • Deliver growth to fuel opportunity
  • Expect superior returns
  • Meet financial obligations
  • Create change through impact
Encouraging new ideas and fresh thinking
  • Get diverse perspectives
  • Try new approaches
  • Ask “Why?”
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Admit what you don’t know
Doing the right thing
  • Be inclusive
  • Share information openly
  • Keep promises + commitments
  • Foster an environment of trust
  • Listen well
people centric@2x
People Centric
People Centric
Valuing our people as what makes us special
  • Encourage respect + empathy
  • Create opportunities for others
  • Provide timely feedback
  • Promote continuous learning
  • Recognize contributions widely
personal responsibility@2x
Personal Responsibility
Personal Responsibility
Owning our successes and failures
  • Be accountable to others
  • Embrace self-reliance
  • Create opportunities for others
  • Ask for help or support
  • Act like an investor
Creating fresh and uncomplicated solutions
  • Ask “What’s simpler?”
  • Strive for streamlined solutions
  • Spend more time planning
  • Perfect is the enemy of good
  • Don’t overcomplicate


“At LRW, we’re entirely focused on people – on building relationships with our clients, learning from and developing our teammates, and diving deep into consumer landscapes to understand people and help our clients thrive amongst them.”


“At LRW, I use visual communications to tell authentic, relatable stories. I get to work with smart, creative people who energize me and encourage me to experiment and push boundaries.”


“We discuss. We debate. We collaborate. As a team, we take pride in our collective smarts. Often, it is our robust discussions and disagreements that produce the most pragmatic and smart solutions for our clients.”


“Everyone on my team is smart. Each member has a unique voice that brings a lot of value, and their perspective is always taken seriously – no matter one’s title or role. We are all working towards one common goal together as a team, and collaboration happens every day to achieve it.”

Help Us Deliver

Every distinct perspective adds to our understanding and appreciation of the world and the quality and value of our work. LRW is deeply committed to creating opportunities for all through a culture of inclusion and diversity.

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