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Posted On  July 17, 2019

Last week, the New Yorker released a comic we can all relate to: a man on the beach, holding a book, telling his companion, “Don’t tell anyone, but this is really my winter reading.”

There’s always a new book to read. With 2.2 million books published worldwide every year, it’s impossible to read every book out there or to even come close. But summer’s a good time to try. Summer’s a time of exploration, and the right read will help you explore new ideas without leaving your chair. Whether you’re vacationing by the beach, trying to entertain the kids until school starts, or huddling beside your A/C unit, a good book can help you break out of your shell… even if it’s a book you meant to read last winter.

At LRW, we love challenging ourselves with a good read. Here’s what our staff is reading.

Books that will help you explore your humanity:

Books that will help you explore fresh ideas:

Books that will help you explore smart approaches:

Books that will help you explore how we relate to each other:

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