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Humans Understanding Humans

Who We Are

We’re specialists in human behavior and sophisticated data analytics.

For over 40 years, LRW has helped businesses in over 80 countries use analytics and research to understand their customers.

Our people come from the tops of their classes and from all walks of life. They bring scientific knowledge, innovative ideas, and client-focused attitudes to work every day.

What We Do

We ask, we listen, we observe.

At LRW, we give intelligent, driven people cutting-edge tools and resources to uncover insights to grow your brands. LRW was rated in the GRIT Report as the #1 Most Innovative Insights Firm in North America in 2019.

Where We’re From

Trailblazing Spirit

In 1973, entrepreneur Arnie Fishman left Manhattan in a small roadster with his wife, baby and Airedale terrier. Arnie headed west to build a business in California’s creative business environment, his head filled with the methods, science and trailblazing spirit of his mentor, market research pioneer Dr. Sy Lieberman.

Our founders’ human touch and passion for solving complex problems continues to guide LRW today.

West Coast clients weren’t always eager to hire the new guy in town, but Arnie convinced them to let Lieberman Research West take on the complex business problems others couldn’t solve.

In the early 90s, Arnie passed the torch to a dynamic young marketer named Dave Sackman with a vision for growing the business by building deep relationships with clients based on smart consultation and a razor sharp focus on providing measurable business impact. Under Dave’s leadership, LRW invented new research designs, developed sophisticated analytical frameworks, and pioneered new business models and a global scope.

Who We Work With

Be in good company. We're honored to work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

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We’re looking for people with big ideas.