What We Do

Uncover real growth levers in strategy, branding, innovation, communication, and experiences

Market Research

Create and identify new opportunities for your business

Today’s market landscapes are complex. LRW cuts through the clutter and provides clients with sophisticated, data-driven insights to help them make critical business decisions. Our suite of research tools offers a clear understanding of consumers’ needs, their approaches to fulfilling those needs, and how you can meet those needs better than competitors.

  • Habits and practices
  • Unmet needs
  • Digital behaviors
  • Path to purchase
  • Category landscape
  • Market trends
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Needs, attitudes and behaviors
  • Global segmentation
  • Bring segments to life
  • Socialization and storytelling
  • Activation tools

Market Segmentation

Increase marketing ROI with a customer-focused strategy

Whether you need to drive branding, product development, experience design, or communications, our team can take you from research design to activation. With literally thousands of segmentations under our belt, we bring you best-in-class analytics, beautiful outputs, fresh activities, and smart tools to engage and inspire your organization to action.


Build your brand through deep human understanding

Your brand is only as good as its ability to build strong and enduring bonds with consumers. Using LRW’s Behavioral Science frameworks and tools, we dive deep into human behavior to study how people interact with your brand and its competitors. We supplement it with revealing qualitative investigations and cutting-edge social and digital analytics for a comprehensive outlook on your brand and how it can win.

  • Brand health
  • Brand identity
  • Positioning
  • Brand stretch
  • Brand tracking
  • Portfolio management

Innovation and Product Development

Make a real impact with your next big idea

You have a great new product or service that’s going to revolutionize the marketplace. But do you know for sure how it will resonate with your customers? LRW offers smart, collaborative and creative research approaches and programs to help you bring winning products and services to market.

  • Ideation
  • Concept development
  • Feature optimization
  • Product testing
  • Package testing
  • Pricing
  • Message development
  • Ad effectiveness tracking
  • Package testing
  • Ad testing
  • Touchpoint analysis
  • Website/UX testing

Ad and

Craft and deliver powerful, persuasive messages

The best marketing messages inspire your customers to act. LRW carefully studies how people process information, how their opinions are formed, and how these factors influence their actions.
We’ll help you test and refine your messages in context of the media, the moment and your audience’s motivation to pay attention.


Engage your customers with exceptional experiences

A seamless customer experience can make all the difference between you and your competition. LRW helps you optimize CX by mapping the customer journey and identifying pain points where you can improve and capitalize on missed opportunities. Our continuous tracking system delivers real-time insights so you can adjust experiences in ways that connect to the bottom line.

LRW-CX is a full service partner to its clients, providing unparalleled guidance and expertise in the areas of experience strategy, culture by design, program design, ongoing experience tracking, advanced analytics and consulting. Also, as a full service partner to Qualtrics and Medallia, LRW-CX provides exceptional technological prowess in the areas of solution design, platform configuration, and on-going maintenance.

  • Journey mapping
  • Experience design
  • Satisfaction Blueprinting
  • Employee engagement
  • Attrition and loyalty
  • Experience tracking

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