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Global Brand Tracking

Tracking an Athletic Brand’s Global Domination

With a goal of dominating each and every category and market in which they play, our client is laser focused on improving the strength and fitness of its shoe and apparel brands. For more than a decade, LRW’s brand tracking program has reliably delivered brand KPIs, dashboard, and custom analyses on a quarterly basis across the enterprise to inform strategies and tactics for brand building, product development, messaging and delivering powerful customer experience. LRW delivers this global powerhouse the data, insight, and consulting they need to beat out competitors and build strong, enduring bonds with consumers across the globe, from market to market.

Helping one of the world’s most iconic athletic brands win with consumers.

LRW tracks brand equities and KPIs in 20 – 40 countries each quarter with teens and high engagement sport players, completing more than 100,000 interviews annually with a not-so-easy-to-reach target.

The program began with a comprehensive global qualitative market research and brand tracking pilot wave to determine the most appropriate KPIs and brand attributes to measure. A flexible and modular survey design allows for local customization and adaptability to changing strategies and dynamics in a global program.

We use our Integrated Production System and our Tracking Diagnostic System to ensure the highest quality data and analyses that drive country, product and global brand reporting. Custom analyses address key hypotheses by brand, country, market or product line.

Online reporting tools put insights at the fingertips of stakeholders across the global enterprise. Our design experts produce engaging deliverables that inform and inspire this creatively-driven client, including interactive pieces, infographics, and C-Suite ready deliverables.

Key elements of the brand tracking and qualitative market research program:

  • Financial linkage analyses demonstrate relationship of program KPIs and real-world financial metrics, using sophisticated Marketing and Data Science along with Behavioral Science
  • Client teams trust the results because of the consistency and connection to what they see in the market. The client boasts the tracker’s role in strengthening an insights-oriented culture.
  • Partnership with product team to inform winning strategy that knocked the key competitor off the top spot in key markets.
  • Stakeholders are empowered to take action by identifying threats from up-and-coming competitors not being taken seriously
  • Fast fashion identified as influence on women’s market, prompting swift action that prevent a downturn in sales or share.
  • Analysis on the impact of knock-offs hurting a key brand in China and other markets.
  • Evaluation of the impact of key moments, campaigns, and cultural trends using social media analytics, helping our client execute market-specific marketing tactics.

Market Research Services Used:

Market Research Methodologies:

  • Flexible and modular survey design
  • Integrated Production System
  • Tracking Diagnostic System
  • Global brand reporting
  • Custom market analysis
  • Online reporting tools

Project Deliverables:

global reach

Global Consumer Insights

Tracking consumer perceptions in more than 20 countries

customer interaction

Consumer Interaction

More than 100,000 interviews conducted annually

fast and fresh data

Fast and Fresh Data

Frequent reporting allows client to make quick marketing decisions

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