Steve Karlin

SVP, Marketing and Data Science

Steve Karlin 388
Meet Steve

Steve works with project teams and clients to help them design research methodologies that meet their information needs. He does this through analyzing and interpreting data using advanced statistical modeling techniques. This is all a fancy way of saying that he’s really, really good at crunching numbers and analyzing data.

Steve has extensive experience in various trade-off techniques including conjoint and discrete choice. He has specific experience in development of forecast models for new and existing products including several pre-market worldwide forecasts for new products across various diverse industries from subscription video streaming services to new pharmaceutical products. He is also a leader in coming up with outside-of-the-box solutions to client’s analytical problems including creating LRW, a Material Company’s widely used proprietary segmentation technique.

Steve joined LRW in 2003. He previously worked for Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), Harris Interactive and TV Guide. Steve holds a M.S. in statistics from the University of Chicago and earned a B.S. in applied mathematics from UCLA.

A native Angeleno, Steve grew up in the avant-garde Los Angeles neighborhoods of Los Feliz/Silverlake long before they became hip. He has a diverse set of interests including photography, politics, music, exercise and statistical analysis of sports. Steve has applied his statistical modeling talents to win multiple Pick-6 horse racing wagers. But perhaps his greatest accomplishment is surviving cancer and going on to complete multiple marathons all within the same year.