Marcello Magno

SVP, General Manager, Marketing and Data Science

Marcello Magno R 388
Meet Marcello

Marcello is a versatile modeler, programmer, consultant and team leader of the Marketing and Data Science (MaDS) group at LRW, a Material Company. He is an expert at synthesizing and communicating complex mathematics, and he thrives on presenting his findings to C-level executives.

Marcello has 10 years of experience in computational mathematics and has applied his skills to a range of fields, from marketing research to fluid dynamics. He has led structural modeling endeavors from design, through execution and into presentations across a variety of industries such as digital entertainment, hospitality and consumer household products. Marcello has a passion for teaching and has applied that passion toward developing the LRW’s marketing and data science team into the world-class group it is today. He received a B.A. in mathematics from University of California at Berkeley, and advanced to candidacy for a M.A. in applied mathematics at UCLA while achieving a 4.0 GPA.

Marcello loves his wife, his two wonderful boys, drawing and reading comics. He has a long history of being entrenched in all things geek culture, from tabletop games, to video games, to comic conventions, to Star Trek conventions.