Kim Rory

SVP, General Manager

Kim Rory R 388
Meet Kim

Kim works with clients to design and analyze research that translates big, ugly business questions into concise, cogent insights. Her favorite part of the job, though, is brainstorming new products, as well as impolitic segment names and acronyms.

She has been with LRW, a Material Company, for more than 20 years, dipping her toes into a variety of roles, but has spent the past several years diving deeply into the world of media and entertainment. She received a B.A. in psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz and a M.A. in psychology from Loyola Marymount University. She uses her degrees to silently judge the mental fitness of those around her and devise ways to justify or suppress uncomfortable insights about herself.

Kim is a proud dilettante with either an insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn or an inability to remain focused on any one thing, depending on who you ask. Right now, she’s obsessed with interior design and baking, but that may change by the next time you see her. She spends the bulk of her time outside of work reading romance and mystery novels and being overly invested in the emotional lives of her many cats.