Jeremy Sack

President, LRW

Jeremy Sack 388
Meet Jeremy

Jeremy was tapped in 2018 to serve as the fifth president in LRW’s storied history. In this role, Jeremy oversees day-to-day operations of LRW, LRWTonic, and LRWMotiveQuest, ensuring that these companies are leaders in a world of rapid change for marketing, experience, and insights. Jeremy takes special pride in delivering impact to individual clients, their companies, and LRW’s employees through sophisticated analysis and deep human understanding. As part of this, he places a big priority on developing the next generation of leaders at LRW.

Jeremy joined LRW in 2008 as a research director and quickly rose through the ranks. Most notably, he co-founded LRW’s Pragmatic Brain Science Institute®, which uses behavioral science to provide companies with a holistic understanding of humans and competitive advantage. He also served as a key advisor in the development of LRW’s Digital Analytics practice that launched in 2018, and has had his hand in many other innovations across his years with the company. Jeremy holds a Ph.D. in psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara and a B.S. in psychology from Union College in Schenectady, NY.

An in-demand speaker on topics such as behavioral science, innovation, branding and identity, Jeremy has delivered a number of keynote speeches on these subjects alongside the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Pink. Jeremy was also part of an LRW delegation invited to the Obama White House to meet with cabinet secretaries and the surgeon general to explore how virtual reality can be used to reduce racial bias in law enforcement. He also takes pride in mentoring psychology, economics, and business PhDs as they transition to their professional careers.

Originally from New York, Jeremy now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. Outside of his home and office, he likes to stay active through a variety of fitness activities, including yoga and cross training. When he goes on vacation, though, he’d much rather unplug and relax. Morocco, Tulum and Belize are among his favorite exotic destinations.