Jeremy Sack

President, Perspective Division, Material

Jeremy Sack 388
Meet Jeremy

Jeremy became president of LRW, a Material Company, in 2018. He now oversees day-to-day operations of the Material Perspective Division, responsible for overall business strategy, operations, innovation, talent, and client delivery across all insights and analytics capabilities worldwide. He takes special pride in delivering growth for our incredible employees and clients.

Jeremy joined the company in 2008 as a research director and co-founded the Pragmatic Brain Science Institute®, harnessing behavioral science and technology to provide companies competitive advantage. He is a key advisor for other innovations including our digital analytics, social analytics, and marketing and data science capabilities.

Originally from New York, Jeremy now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. He likes to stay active through a variety of fitness activities, including yoga and cross training. His favorite exotic vacation spots include Morocco, Tulum and Belize.