Charles Swann

VP, General Manager

Charles Swann 388
Meet Charles

Charles is passionate about finding smart, innovative approaches to solving the trickiest business questions that clients face. As a thoughtful methodologist and strategic thinker, Charles is able to bridge the gap between complex research and business implications. His clients love his creative problem solving and fresh approaches to integrating a variety of perspectives to answer business questions—from innovative qualitative techniques to big data analytics.

Charles has been in the research industry for more than 15 years, and has called LRW, a Material Company, home for the majority of his career. He has also worked at MaPS and The Modellers. He is a frequent lecturer at his alma mater, University of Georgia Advanced School of Marketing Research, where he helps students understand human’s emotional and less-conscious motivations. He received a master’s degree in marketing research from Georgia and a bachelor’s degree in social psychology from the University of Florida.

Charles lives with his wife in beautiful Boulder, CO. He is an avid outdoor rock climber, trail runner and hiker, all of which is an excuse to enjoy a craft beer at the end of the day. He is also obsessed with cars and can be frequently overheard telling his wife that he totally knows how to put the [insert car part here] back together.