How to Take Your Instagram Content to the Next Level

How to Take Your Instagram Content to the Next Level

People say they are eager to hear from brands on Instagram. Many brands already turn to the platform to connect with more audiences and also drive sales, but the companies and influencers that now reach large audiences didn’t necessarily start off as well-known names. Small smoothie companiesgrassroots initiatives and personal trainers alike have made names for themselves—and achieved larger marketing goals—on Instagram. But which kinds of content resonate most with people on Instagram, especially when it comes to nurturing brand affinity? According to the 21,000 people we surveyed, interesting content that resonates matters more than brand names when it comes to gaining attention.

To understand what interesting content means to people and how marketers can connect more with their audiences—Facebook IQ commissioned two studies to learn more from people who use Instagram regularly. What we discovered were a few key—even surprising—ways Instagrammers like to connect with brands and influencers. They say entertaining content matters more than content that’s beautifully produced, that direct communications from brands are valued as well as hearing from influencers and that content tapping into cultural events and personal interests have the potential to build stronger customer relationships. Discover how to produce Instagram content that connects with your key audiences by understanding what Instagrammers really want to see from brands.

A Note on Methodology

The research and findings in this article are based on two extensive research studies. First, Facebook commissioned LRWTonic to conduct a qualitative study consisting of in-depth, hour-long interviews with 70 people ages 18 and older who used Instagram multiple times a day across 9 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, United States). That qualitative data helped inform a quantitative study commissioned by Facebook from Ipsos, administered as a survey of 21,000 people aged 13–64 who used Instagram at least once a week across 13 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States). Survey response styles might vary across countries due to cultural differences, but scale anchors remained fixed within each country. For example, Japan respondents may tend to answer questions more conservatively than respondents in Brazil.

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