This New Data Shows How Millennials’ POV On Money Is Evolving

This New Data Shows How Millennials’ POV On Money Is Evolving

It’s no secret that just about everyone has an opinion on the financial lives of millennials. And while the reality is that everyone spends and saves in different ways, what remains true across the board is that conversations about money — whether in the context of friendships, dating, or work — can still bring about judgment.

To explore the complex feelings modern women have when it comes to talking about money (and empower them to be more transparent about it), Visa commissioned Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW) to conduct a national survey with 1,411 millennials and 831 Gen X’ers as part of its Money Is Changing campaign, inquiring about their outlooks on everything from asking for a raise to sharing budgets with friends. While the results show that our attitudes towards money are shifting in some regards, there’s still evidence that more traditional societal norms are harder to shake than we think. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the most compelling, eye-opening stats from the research that offer a unique glimpse at what the modern conversation about money really looks like.


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