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Consumer Decision Process

Touchpoint Analysis for a Natural Glow

The client, known for its natural beauty and personal care products, wanted to increase trial of its facial care products by optimizing its communications and shopper marketing spend. That required a more complete understanding of the most important touchpoints along the shopper journey.

Identifying consumer touchpoints and simplifying the path to purchase in a highly competitive category

We tapped into our proprietary quantitative sequencing methodology that borrows techniques used by geneticists to identify common paths to purchase within the beauty and personal care category. By assessing which touchpoints along the journey are most and least important in speeding up the process toward trial, we were able to prioritize touchpoints that deserve the client’s focus and to provide the client with a roadmap for effectively partnering with retailers.

Using Pragmatic Brain Science concepts and tools, including its BASE (Belonging, Appeal, Security, Exploration) framework, we were able to identify key emotional and motivational states that propelled customers along the journey and toward purchase. Within that framework, we identified a strong need for “security” (i.e. they want to know the products will work) among the client’s customers.

The study identified:

  • Priority touchpoints to speed consumers’ process toward trial
  • Touchpoint differences and similarities between “mass” products vs. “natural” products
  • The prevalence of various touchpoints and journeys among younger women (18-35) vs. older women (36-54)
  • Differences in journeys and touchpoint sequences for consumers with high brand Identity Overlap®

The client was able to significantly increase customer conversion by boosting social media engagement through its “security” messages and by better facilitating in-store discovery through attention-grabbing displays.

clearer view

A Clearer View

Identified 38,618 individual touchpoints and 13 common customer journeys

the beauty of digital

The Beauty of Digital

Discovered big conversion opportunities for social media

retail renewal

Retail Renewal

89% of purchases in-store, where touchpoints were deemed most important

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