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Global B2C Attitudinal Segmentation

Falling in Love with Fangirls

A global entertainment company faced a challenging environment in which its closest competitor scored hit after hit while its theatrical business was flat. The client wanted to determine how to optimize its character franchises by identifying and profiling key target audience segments and refining its cross-platform marketing strategies.

Box office and merchandise success rested on the shoulders of the real heroes: avid female fans.

In phase 1 of our research, we designed a segmentation study to carefully differentiate the nuanced attitudes that drive engagement in this category. The segmentation aimed to identify “Real Heros” because they were the greatest spenders, not the “Posers” who always opened their mouths, but not their wallets. Our Marketing and Data Science team ran TURF analyses to rank key information sources for character fans. We delivered a series of tailored recommendations and strategies for each segment, including where to reach the audience, how to communicate with them, and which franchises to target.

In phase 2, we conducted an attitude and usage study among high opportunity segments to determine how to develop and target cross-platform products to them. The research revealed a big white space opportunity among female fans, who were passionate participants at the entry level, but were missing at the deeper levels of heavy platform spending.  We produced recommendations for developing and targeting characters and products to the audience as a whole, and female fans in particular.

Key steps in the research and delivery process included:

  • Developed segmentation of current and potential audiences based on underlying needs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Prioritized segments by opportunity, and outlined strategies to reach them with content, marketing messages and media.
  • Created rich profiles of target segments based on key media behaviors, psychographics and demographics.
  • Delivered a typing tool, so the client could test concepts and messages against those segments.
  • Issued recommendations for developing and targeting characters and products to the highest opportunity segments, and especially to female fans in those segments.
  • Identified cross-platform synergies to make sales and marketing more efficient.
future is female

The Future Is Female

Studio greenlit new franchises and products aimed at girls and women

data driven decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Executives followed data that stressed importance of specific characters for products

expanding across the pond

Expanding Across the Pond

Followed-up with attitude and usage study in European markets

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