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Persona Development

Refreshing the Next Generation of Customer Segments

A technology client had a market segment that was widely embraced in the organization. However, it was time to update their segmentation, since two key segments had aged from adolescence to young adult since they were created. The client engaged LRWTonic to refresh their understanding of the segments and reintroduce the personas to help their stakeholders work with conviction towards a shared future for the brand.

Understanding younger consumers through interaction and self-expression

To redefine a baseline of who the segments are today, we harnessed our existing long-term online community for the brand. Community members curated a ‘museum of self,’ including a brief introduction to themselves, artifacts from their daily life, how they like to express themselves online, and their relationship with the brand over time. A subset of community members created their own 360-degree videos to record a key activity from their unique point of view that was relevant to the category and the brand. Additionally, we executed in-person ethnographic expeditions in a few markets, to watch our segments in their natural habitat. We observed them out and about while engaging in their favorite activities, and with their technology. All ethnographies were filmed by our videographer.

To help bring the segments to life, we developed short, story-driven videos and immersion booths to provide the organization an updated overview of the segments and their priorities, pain points, and profiles in the context of the current culture and climate. Our immersion booths were chock full of interactive objects to help the stakeholders fully absorb the updated personas. A member of the LRWTonic team acted as a docent within each exhibit, provoking and answering questions, sharing stories, and providing technical support for any VR newcomers.

Sensory Immersive Booth:

  • See: Consumer-driven 360 video on VR headsets, slideshow filled with consumer-generated imagery. Curated Instagram poster boards.
  • Touch: Explore life memorabilia – add your mark to a mural, flip through publications they care about or browse a rack of their clothing.
  • Hear: Get into their mindset by listening to consumer-generated Spotify playlists unique to each pillar. Each booth is equipped with ‘silent disco’ wireless headphones to jam out to.
  • Taste: Sample your consumers’ go-to snacks/drinks for when they’re on the go to get a flavor for their fuel
  • Smell: We decided it would be best to leave this one out…
Sensory Feedback

Sensory Feedback

Learned about customer preferences based on their five senses

Personal Shrine

Personal Shrine

“Museum of Self” allowed respondents to express their everyday lives

Reality TV Stars

Reality TV Stars

Personal video diaries documented everyday habits, behaviors, and brand engagements

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