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Global Pop-Up Community

Meeting a Target Audience Where It Is on Social Media

When a major social media company wanted to arm its ad partners with insights about how people interact with brands on its platform, we designed the research to explore advertising effectiveness within the context of real-world in-app experiences.

A ‘meta’ idea: using a popular app to conduct research on itself

In nine countries around the globe, we recruited research participants the brand’s own social platform via direct messaging, as well as by placing ads inviting people to participate on an in-app pop up community. Along with asking what people like and dislike about different in-app ads, we were able to obtain vast and rich visual information about respondents not typically available through traditional screening approaches.

Some members of the community participated in in-home video ethnographic surveys to bring the insights to life within the context of their lives. LRWTonic community moderators provided their own profiles to humanize the research approach.

We delivered high production value videos to animate the insights, using a mix of real materials from the community as well as ethnography, augmented with professional actors.

New Followers

New Followers

Recruited and engaged respondents directly through the client’s app

strength in social

Racking up ‘Likes’

Gathered data on advertising effectiveness based on ads most “liked” by target audience

Video Insights

Video Insights

In-home video ethnographies showed how users interacted with the app within their daily lives

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