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B2B Industry Landscape

Getting a Move on Global Transportation Trends

A large supply chain and transportation provider wanted to better understand the global transportation industry -- including pain points, challenges, and upcoming trends -- in order to develop better solutions that align with customer demands in a fast-moving global economy.

Understanding and adapting to market-specific challenges across the world

We conducted interviews among key decision makers in large, global organizations to understand how they make their transportation choices, as well the internal and external forces affecting those decisions. In order to conduct a thorough trend analysis, we had to ask both direct and indirect fit questions. That tactic enabled us to go beyond stated importance of the trends so that we were able to identify current business pain points, and which trends could help alleviate those pain points.

Key insights from our research included:

  • Identification of macro and micro forces impacting the transportation industry
  • Pinpoints of specific regional differences across the globe, indicating a need for a market-tailored approach vs. a global approach
  • Businesses are willing to pay higher costs for transportation needs, but want to be reassured about the value they get from their transportation partner
Getting to Work

Getting to Work

Rolled out findings to global team and conducted work sessions in various regions to address new trends

Going Green

Going Green

Determined that some markets - especially Asia - value environmentally-friendly transportation solutions

Urban Impact

Urban Impact

Trend analysis identified growing urban populations as a key influence on the future of transportation

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