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Tagging Digital Ads

Getting a Clearer Picture of Digital Advertising Effectiveness

A major camera manufacturer suspected their digital advertising was having a negative impact on brand perceptions. Before allocating more budget to digital advertising, it wanted to evaluate the impact of messaging across multiple creative executions.

Marketing Darwinism: only the strongest ads and brand messages survive.

LRW tagged a portfolio of digital ads prior to their release in the market, then we evaluated brand perceptions in follow-up interviews among those who were exposed and those who were not. Through this process, we were able to identify the channels and ads that reinforced positive perceptions. The research also discovered several ads that were not reinforcing the company’s positioning around its new product offering. As a result, the brand pulled the ads that delivered negative impact, and reallocated that spend to the highest-performing ads.

Tag Youre It

Tag, You’re It!

Tagging digital ads allowed real-time tracking of ad performance

Youth Appeal

Youth Appeal

Most effective ads performed especially well with younger audiences

Protect the Brand

Protect the Brand

Identified and reinforced messages that boosted brand perception

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