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Customer Journeys in a Complex Media Environment

In the face of a highly competitive market and a lackluster economy, a British media company (providing TV, phone and internet services) sought to differentiate itself from its chief competitor by implementing smarter messaging and sales practices to consumers. In order to do so, it would need a fresh picture of the customer journey - including the path to purchase - in order to reimagine the category in a whole new light. To do this we needed to understand how, when and where to better target communications during the purchase process.

Discovering crucial insights by listening to people tell customer journey stories in their own words.

To ensure results were both deep and actionable, we designed the project as a two-phase program to help us uncover triggers, motivations, barriers, influences and influencers as well established brand relationships the drove people on their path to purchase. We used our Snakes and Ladder approach to identify the things that might stop a person from considering a brand, move them backwards in their journey, or take them out of the category (i.e., Snakes), as well as  the moments, experiences, and conversations that move them directly or indirectly to their decision (i.e., Ladders).

The first phase involved qualitative depth interviews using Snakes & Ladders to build a hypothetical construct of the market using a regressive interviewing technique inspired by behavioral economics. Through a storytelling experience people were gently brought back to their original mindset pre-purchase, reminiscing and reliving all their feelings and influences that brought them to their purchase.  The second phase involved quantitative online surveys using Snakes & Ladders to identify and measure opportunities, prioritize insights and validate the hypothetical construct.

Among the key takeaways from the research:

  • The client was losing sales because it wasn’t getting onto the shortlist at the beginning of the journey, which was happening at a less conscious level for consumers
  • Customers that chose the client’s service versus some of its competitors did so for more rational reasons
  • Word-of-mouth and influencer activity plays a key role in the customer journey.
  • Consumers experience multiple touchpoints throughout the journey and expect the same experiences from the brand throughout.
getting a head start

Getting a Head Start

Refocused sales strategy to target shoppers at the beginning of their journeys

mailing it in

Mailing It In

New direct mail campaign featuring clearer content images connected with more customers

revenue growth

Revenue Growth

New strategies led to significant boost in new cable subscriptions and cable revenue

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