Client Results

Digital Transformation

Commitment to Women in the Non-Profit Space

Aspire Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring women who work in non-profits across the globe, came to us for help. It wanted to understand how its program was performing in its current state, as well as to inform how it could transition to an online platform.

Empowering female leaders at non-profits across the world

Due to the in-depth nature of the objective, we executed a qualitative research project, completing several phone in-depth interviews (IDIs) across the globe. We interviewed current and former mentors and mentees to understand the positive experiences, as well as sub-optimal experiences with the program. A further analysis fleshed out a series of recommendations intended to drive the future of the organization.

A New Direction

A New Direction

Shifted approach to mentor/mentee matching process

Path to Success

Path to Success

Opened networking capabilities to boost awareness and donor outreach

global reach

Global Impact

Impacting more women at non-profits across the globe

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