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Charging into the Future of Financial Innovation

At a time when paying for retail goods was easier and quicker than ever before, a global retailer wanted to make sure its brand would be at the forefront of the next payment revolution. But what do consumers consider “easy?” When it comes to payments, what do they consider “fast?” Which potential solutions will they actually value? And how will retailers feel about potential changes? We sought to answer these market research questions and more.

Listening to consumer input today to build the payment systems of tomorrow

By combining the client’s advanced technological prototypes with our project team’s creativity, we turned a focus group facility into a “convenience store,” complete with product displays and a cashier who rang up “customers” (respondents) using different futuristic payment solutions. Respondents got the experience of “shopping” with each potential payment solution, and then discussed benefits, drawbacks, and concerns with each approach in individual in-depth interviews with a moderator.

This interactive and innovative approach inspired the client to:

  • Refine top payment concepts for further testing in a real-world environment, rapidly iterating and adapting new concepts
  • Eliminate solutions that consumers did not understand, did not find valuable, or found too invasive
  • Discover important concepts to address in marketing and communications to help consumers understand the solution
Privacy Please

Privacy, Please!

Eliminated payment options that consumers found too invasive

new messaging

Get the Message

Focused on communications to help consumers understand payment innovations

brick and mortar makeover

In-Store Optimization

Discovered potential obstacles to frontline adapting to new solutions

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