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Behavioral Tracking

Monitoring Behavioral Trends to Guide Brand Strategy

A greeting card manufacturer wanted to understand the human essence of its customers: Who is buying their cards? Who is receiving them? What are they trying to express socially, and how does it correlate to channel, price, occasion, and more? And how do these elements change over time, as new norms for communication proliferate, and the next generation of card buyers enters the market?

Building and managing a custom research panel to understand the latest trends in card buying (and receiving).

LRW set out to develop a consumer insights tool to illuminate emerging communication trends at a macro level, then dive deeper into how these trends impact key social expressions and product choices across channels and retailers. We built a custom research panel where consumers participate for a period of three months, recording detailed information about any greeting card purchases they made for everyday and seasonal card-giving occasions. Additionally, we conducted an annual incidence study to understand the incidence of card buying among a census representative audience. We tracked the trends over time, issued forecasts for a five-year horizon, and reported annually on everyday and seasonal occasions. Additional reports looked at the most popular retailers where cards were purchased and at demographic groups that buy and receive cards.

The project achieved a number of other objectives, including:

  • Card buyer profiles that enabled the client to better relate, communicate, and innovate for their audience
  • Pivotal insights into channel, price, demographics, and card content trends
  • Profiles of different card occasions based on card content, psychographics, and demographics
Long Running Partnership

Long-Running Partnership

Panel continues to run strong after 10+ years

Consumer Insights for the Future

Consumer Insights for the Future

Insights help client anticipate and plan products to stay ahead of competition

Price is Right

Price is Right

Informs pricing decisions that help maintain million-dollar sales in a declining category

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