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B2B and B2C Segmentation

Checking in on a Hotel Brand Portfolio

A leading international hotel company had a large portfolio of brands across a broad spectrum of hospitality accommodations, catering to both business and leisure travelers in markets all over the world. The hotel brands had been managed independently for some time and their brand positionings were not very differentiated. The client needed a fact-based, guest-driven way to reposition several of the brands to target unique traveler needs to give them separate and distinct targets to drive hotel and marketing development.

Using traveler segmentations to differentiate brands within a hotel company’s portfolio.

Tapping into the expertise of our Marketing and Data Science team, we conducted a 5-country customer segmentation with nearly 20,000 respondents, spanning business, leisure, and combined travel occasions, based on traveler needs, attitudes and psychographics.  The study produced a 10-segment framework that identified unique trip types from different markets. Based on brand-specific opportunity-analysis we were able to map the client’s brands across the trip type segments, allowing for each brand to have unique targets.  We delivered a series of tailored recommendation and strategies for each brand including what is most important on their target trip types and which users to target for what occasions.

Key steps in the process included:

  • A two-day attribute reduction workshop at the client’s headquarters with a large cross-functional client team and the key players from the LRW project and Marketing Science teams.
  • A two-day data room workshop with the client, where we conducted numerous analyses to slice and dice different segments on the fly, finally landing on our 10-segment solution
  • A mapping exercise in which we identified primary and secondary trip-type segment targets for each of the client’s hotel brands.
  • A new internal online network for each brand’s primary and secondary targets. These microsites offered a wealth of information that brand teams went on to tap for years to come to inform their marketing communications, promotions development and hotel service delivery options.
updated brand positioning

Updated Brand Positioning

New positioning architecture for all the client’s brands

smart new msg dev

Smart New Message Development

Successful ads inspired by new target trip-type segments

growth opp brand dev

Growth Opportunities from Brand Development

Supported development of new hotel brands to fill portfolio gaps

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