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Custom Product Testing

A Product Testing Program That's Right on the Money

A leading company saw product innovation as an integral strategy for growth and success, and developed a robust process for bringing new products to market. The client wanted an innovative system to test new concepts in full and to and evaluate their individual benefits to ensure that they launched winners in the market. Ideally, the system would address legacy issues with new product development research while continuously innovating into the future to deliver big bottom-line impact.

Building a new product development testing program to deliver unprecedented consistency and flexibility across a large organization

The program is creating enhanced efficiency, insight, and impact among consumers and B2B audiences at a global scale.

The program needed to link results to actual commercial performance, define success with benchmarks and arm the business with enhanced targeting information.

To develop the program, we spent significant time listening and learning about their existing processes and their unfulfilled needs to more effectively build winning products. We weighed the benefits of standardization against the flexibility needed in a fast-moving business environment.

We ultimately built a new product development program that included multiple methods for different situations – from simpler concept tests, to more sophisticated trade-off analyses. We designed the program so that any of the company’s needs – from core products to digital innovations – could be tested.

For each concept we:

  • Sized the opportunity and profiled prospects or customers most likely to use
  • Identified which features and benefits were most important in driving behavior
  • Provided recommendations on how the products could be improved across a set of KPIs
new product testing playbook

A New Product Testing Roadmap

Provided a blueprint for product testing and development that was implemented company-wide

put to the test

Put to the Test

Tested and refined new products across a wide spectrum of types and target audiences

global reach

Global Reach

Program capable of being applied in any market in the world

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