{ "@context": "http://schema.org/", "@type": "Service", "serviceType": "Prime Messaging", "provider": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Pragmatic Brain Science® | Understanding Consumer Behavior", "@id": "https://lrwonline.com/specialties/pragmatic-brain-science/", "description": "Pragmatic Brain Science® helps build brands, products, and services by providing a holistic understanding of consumer behavior, the consumer, and what you can do about it. Our frameworks combine marketing concepts and approaches rooted in social, motivational, and evolutionary psychology." }, "serviceOutput": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Brand Tracking", "isSimilarTo": [ { "@type": "Service", "name": "Quick results based on how consumers actually think" }, { "@type": "Service", "name": "Messages that drive action and emotion" }, { "@type": "Service", "name": "Strategic and targeted recommendations" } ] } }

Prime Message Discovery & Message Testing™

Our Prime Messaging solutions help optimize communications strategy. From building out messaging grounded in motivations and emotional needs to message testing based on consumer psychology, these solutions get at the root of successful messaging.

Problems We Solve

Prime Message Discovery uncovers messaging pillars that will resonate with consumers by connecting to consumers’ broader functional & emotional motivations.

Prime Message Testing helps identify which messages perform best and where they are most effective using approaches from behavioral science and modern applications of ancient philosophy.

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Identify the Right Areas of Focus

Discover which innovation areas will fit with your brand and drive future growth

Messages that drive action and emotion

Identify where each message will succeed depending on whether they engage slow or fast thinking

Discover Naturally-Occurring Pillars

Let consumers define the messaging pillars that reflect their real motivations

Strategic and targeted recommendations

Develop a comprehensive messaging strategy by identifying the right message for the job


Quick results based on how consumers actually think

Rapidly identify the best messages via behavioral science methods

Identify the Right Areas of Focus
Messages that drive action and emotion
Discover Naturally-Occurring Pillars
Strategic and targeted recommendations
Quick results based on how consumers actually think

View our case studies to learn how Prime Messaging Solutions have helped other brands

Prime Message Discovery

Identify messaging pillars to inform your creative direction

Communicating about New Products

Let consumers’ emotional motivations and needs inform your product messaging

Marketing New Features & Services

Use functional and emotional needs to connect with consumers based on their functional and emotional needs

Differentiating in
Clutter Spaces

Defend against competitors or differentiate
in a cluttered space

Prime Messaging

Identify messages that break through the noise


Prioritize the most memorable messages based on signal detection theory and the psychology of memory


Less conscious feelings identify which messages connect with consumers’ fundamental BASE ® needs


Identify the messages that convince consumers and drive action across channels based on how they align with theories of persuasion

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