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TEDx, VR & Dave’s Dream Come True

Posted On  January 27, 2015

And then a moment arrives and it’s no longer just a dream.

After years of seeing of what no one else saw, they saw it. CEO David Sackman passionately shared his dream to change the world using virtual reality at TEDx East End last Saturday in London. In his presentation, Dave described how virtual reality can make us more environmentally conscious, empathetic, and financially responsible, or help those who are suffering feel less physical pain and overcome psychological trauma. Virtual reality has a powerful ability to change behavior by tapping into emotions and the non-conscious mind; leveraging that, Dave believes we can change people for the better. Do you believe? Watch and find out.


  1. I have experienced virtual reality in a modern art museum in NYC. I wore Oculus glasses and walked through a forest with stars and constantly changing forest floor with hills, dips, and flora. I was also blown away by the possibilities for experiencing different realities like walking through a ghetto, or a battlefield. Or going to distant places and experiencing different cultures and peoples. My hope is like yours that through these experiences we can improve the world. David Sackman, this was an excellent an deeply meaningful presentation.

  2. Thanks David for stimulating an incredible amount of renewed faith and interest in this new technology. This must have amazing applications in market research as well e.g. virtual shopping


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