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Bring Your Child to Work Day 2017

Posted On  August 3, 2017

As we’ve been preparing for this day – our Annual Bring Your Child to Work Day – I have felt this great, warm feeling in my gut – I’m going to call it a feeling of success.  This is our 5th year hosting the event, demonstrating a commitment to the importance of family at LRW as well as the importance of exposing our children to role models; I am so proud to see this day coming to fruition.

This pride and glow of success got me thinking about how getting a sense of accomplishment here at work seems relatively easy. There are milestones, project deliverables, promotions, badges, bonuses, and high fives that clearly indicate progress, advancement and success. At home, I sometimes find myself doubting my success as a parent…  Why is this? Why is it easier to feel successful at work instead of at home?

Well, as I said, I work with some amazing people (who also happen to be parents) here at LRW, so I asked them to share their perspective on success at work and at home:

Success at work is:

  • Leading the creation of a unique, dynamic, special company that fuels tremendous opportunities for its people.
  • I feel successful when my team is thriving.
  • I was super excited about LRW being recognized as #1 in thought leadership and high quality deliverables. It just affirms that we are doing great work!
  • Successful partnerships to accomplish work in an enjoyable and efficient way.

Success at home is:

  • Seeing my children do a good job as students, as friends and as little human beings
  • When I hear that my children have done or said something kind to others.
  • Balance, keeping my word and commitments to my work AND family.
  • Managing my own expectations of myself. Feeling good enough at everything.

From their feedback, it became apparent that there is an overlap in professional and parental success – both are about helping people grow to have great lives.  As a parent, your purpose becomes very clear, and it puts everything in perspective, yet measuring success in this realm is very subjective.

I started “Bring Your Child to Work Day” the year my son was born because I felt it was important for him to see my world – to have the opportunity to be inspired by my colleagues like I am every day, to have professional role models.  I felt this was important for him to have this exposure, even before his first birthday.  My son comes with me to this event every year, and even helps a little in the planning these days.  This morning, as my 5 year old son & I drove to work, he asked me, “Mom, when I grow up, can I work with you?” and it brought tears to my eyes. It was a concrete moment of success for me – both personally and professionally.

Regardless of what he does when he grows up, I am proud that I’ve helped lead in the creation a day here at LRW that inspires our children in such a positive fashion. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way and helped make this day possible.

Do you have a moment when you experienced an incredible feeling of success in growing and developing your child or a colleague? I would love to hear your story.


  1. Jessica, it’s so wonderful to see these little human beings grow up to be such wonderful young men and ladies. They are such a key part of our LRW family. Thank you for hosting one of our favorite events of the year!!!

  2. Great leadership, Jessica, and great teamwork from everyone for all the Take Your Child to Work Day events!


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