Tim McPartlin

Executive Vice President, Acquisition Integration

Tim McPartlin 388
Meet Tim

Tim works closely with the leaders of the LRW Group’s acquired companies to drive revenue growth by identifying synergies and collaborative opportunities throughout the organization. Tim is particularly inspired by the opportunities to meet leaders of new partner companies and to learn about their unique capabilities and business models.

Tim came to LRW after a successful career in advertising, during which he held senior roles with several of the leading global ad agencies in NYC and LA. He changed his career focus to market research almost three decades ago when he joined LRW and helped pioneer its unique organizational structure. He went on to build one of the most successful business units in the company and to become the company’s first executive vice president division head. He is particularly proud of his extraordinary success in mentoring and developing future LRW leaders, a group that includes many of LRW’s current senior management team.

Tim lives and works out of the Park City, UT area. When he is not nurturing the leadership teams of the LRW Group’s new acquisitions, you’ll find him in the mountains around Park City riding horses, hiking or skiing.