Sean Carlos Fleming

VP, MotiveQuest

Sean Fleming R 388
Meet Sean Carlos

Sean collaborates with his clients to develop innovative solutions to complex business problems through social and digital analytics. He’s a creative thinker who loves to look at the root of his clients’ challenges to come up out-of-the-box insights and opportunities.

Sean began his research career at Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, studying the underlying emotions and motivations that drive human behavior. After six years in academia, Sean joined LRW, a Material Company, with a hunger for new challenges. He started on the traditional side of LRW’s research offering but quickly transitioned to focus on digital and social analytics.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Sean led the initiative to create a social listening offering for LRW, putting together an independent team that sought to complement LRW’s portfolio with new techniques that provided previously unavailable data and insights. When LRW acquired MotiveQuest in 2016, the company merged with Sean’s team to create what is now MotiveQuest.

Life’s a beach for Sean, who was born in Miami, FL, and grew up in Southern California. Sean has an irrational fear of surprise hippo attacks and a completely rational disdain for koalas (or as he also likes to call them, devil bears).