Rick Vignos

SVP, Account Manager

Rick Vignos 388
Meet Rick

Rick is responsible for both client relationship development and leading a team of market research professionals in the design and execution of research projects. This includes identifying client research needs, creating proposals to address those client needs and working with team members to successfully deliver actionable research to clients.

With over 30 years of market research experience on both the client and supplier sides, Rick has considerable knowledge of market segmentation, brand positioning, customer satisfaction, new product development and strategic planning. Prior to joining LRW, he was vice president of Harris Interactive’s financial services practice and he has held senior-level management positions at Bank of America, Sea-Land and Roadway Services. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kent State University and a Master of Science and Management degree in business and operations research from Purdue University.

Rick grew up in the Midwest and is part of a large family of nine. He is a big fan of Cleveland sports teams and follows them from afar in his current home in Charlotte, N.C.. He had the opportunity to play several sports growing up, but his family’s biggest passion was music. All of the children in his family play a musical instrument and his instrument of choice is the piano, which he still plays frequently when he’s not playing golf.