Lauren Murphy

Director, Research Scientist

Pragmatic Brain Science®
Lauren Murphy
Meet Lauren

Lauren conducts research, leads concept development and oversees tool deployment and maintenance. She is a key member of the Pragmatic Brain Science Institute®, which offers clients a holistic understanding of human cognition, emotion, motivation and behavior. She also supports and consults with project teams to add a psychological perspective to comprehensive market research insights at LRW, a Material Company.

Lauren has more than a decade of experience conducting psychological and neuroscientific research to understand the mechanisms supporting social behavior, emotion processing, learning and memory. She also has extensive experience in informal education through professional and volunteer work, including leading outreach efforts teaching underserved elementary students in Atlanta, GA, about the brain and cognition. She holds a B.S. in anthropology from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in psychology from Emory University.

Originally from South Florida by way of Atlanta, Lauren gets excited about exploring new places, finishing jigsaw puzzles and eating pizza. Her hidden talents are an uncanny spatial memory and an encyclopedic knowledge of animal facts, so you should ask her to be your tour guide on your next trip to the zoo.