Kasia Piekarz

VP, Account Manager

Kasia Piekarz 388
Meet Kasia

Kasia is a consummate problem solver, energized most by piecing together the perfect study design and seeing results come together into truly actionable insights. In fact, she believes the more challenging the project, the better! Her clients vary across a range of industries, including apparel, education, entertainment, health and beauty, financial services and retail.

She has been with LRW, a Material Company, for eight years, tackling a wide variety of objectives, such as brand equity, path to purchase, product and portfolio optimization and segmentation. Her passion for complex challenges and great storytelling have led to an Employee of the Year Award and three Report of the Quarter awards. Prior to being a researcher she had a career in book publishing, most recently hawking Japanese comics to teenagers (and the young at heart) for TOKYOPOP.

When she’s not chasing after her rambunctious little kids, Kasia is an activist in her community. She can’t wait until her kids are older so she can once again have time to read, cook, entertain and engage in all the arts that New York City has to offer.