Joanne Robbibaro

SVP, General Manager

Joanne Robbibaro 388
Meet Joanne

Joanne leads quantitative operations at LRW, a Material Company, comprised of Global Data Collection and Integrated Programming Services (IPS) teams. In her role, she oversees the company’s quantitative and qualitative operations that drive LRW’s renown standards for data quality. She is an expert in all data collection methods, including state-of-the-art automated approaches and digital data.

Joanne is a key member of LRW senior management and plays an active role advising businesses across LRW Group on data collection practices. She is a proud ESOMAR US representative, serves on the board of directors for Global Market Research, and actively works as a consultant to the SoCal Chapter Board of the Insights Association. She previously served as a president of the Marketing Research Association (MRA).

Before joining LRW, Joanne served as director of field operations at the M/A/R/C Group and VP, field operations at Conway Milliken & Associates. She enjoys traveling around the world and lists Italy, Portugal, and Turkey as her favorite destinations.