Joanne Robbibaro

Senior Vice President, General Manager

Joanne Robbibaro 388
Meet Joanne

Joanne is a specialist in data collection research, including over 20 years at LRW. She is an expert in all data collection methods, including the state-of-the-art automated approaches and digital data.

Before joining LRW, Joanne served as director of field operations at the M/A/R/C Group and VP, field operations at Conway Milliken & Associates. Currently, she oversees all of LRW’s field operations, survey programming and tabulation for international and domestic markets. Joanne is a key member of LRW’s senior management staff and plays an active role in the strategic direction of the company overall.

Joanne is a member of Insight Association and ESOMAR. She is on the board of directors for Global Market Research, an ESOMAR, US representative and a past president of the Marketing Research Association (MRA).