Jeff Stone

VP, General Manager

Jeff Stone 388
Meet Jeff

As a vice president in our Chicago office, Jeff loves rolling up his sleeves to partner with his clients and truly understand what makes consumers tick. Jeff specializes in leveraging multi-methodological approaches (qualitative research, quantitative research, behavioral science, shopper insights, digital analytics, etc.) to tackle what people are doing, why they are behaving that way and then identifying what his clients need to do about it.

Jeff has a breadth of research experience, ranging from highly-strategic studies (e.g., marketing campaign assessment, brand equity evaluation and tracking, market segmentation and customer journey) to more tactical ones (e.g., shopper insights, new product testing and concept tests). His experience spans a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods, quick-service restaurants, technology, healthcare, retail, financial services and B2B. He holds degrees in economics and sociology from Tufts University.

Jeff is hard to pin down on the weekends. He might be cheering on his Chicago sports teams, traveling abroad, watching a Star Trek marathon, coaching a sailing regatta, performing an improv set or enjoying a meal at a great new restaurant. Life is short and he loves to experience it all!