DJ Jefferson

Executive Vice President, so what?®

DJ Jefferson 388
Meet DJ

DJ holds an unusual title, but there’s no one better suited for it. As the keeper of LRW’s so what?® brand promise, he is at the forefront of identifying clients’ most challenging issues and translating them into smart, analytic approaches that flesh out the true business implications.

DJ launched his marketing research career at Quaker Oats before heading up research and forecasting departments at Wilson Sporting Goods and Sara Lee. Since he joined LRW in 1988, DJ has been deeply involved in research for virtually every business issue, for virtually every vertical and in a wide swath of countries. He has developed many of the processes, philosophies and paradigms that LRW currently uses. He boasts a business degree from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and a degree in communications research from Boston University

DJ is known around the LRW offices for his puns, word play and an ironic sense of humor. Not only do his co-workers have to suffer with his humor, but he has become the excuse for everyone else’s bad humor. “I had to say it before DJ did” is something you will hear a lot at LRW!