Brook Miller

Chief Technology Officer, MotiveQuest

Brook Miller 388
Meet Brook

As Chief Technology Officer of MotiveQuest, a Material Company, Brook leads the software engineering, data science and data acquisition teams to deliver marketing strategy and consumer insights from organic online conversations. As the first employee of MotiveQuest, Brook helped create the marriage of technology and marketing strategy that brings consumer insights to life for our clients.

Brook has been with MotiveQuest since 2006. Prior to that he spent seven years at Intel Corp. holding a number of product strategy and marketing roles. Brook has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

When he’s not working, Brook enjoys snowboarding with his son and wife.  Otherwise, he insists that he is the opposite of the Dos Equis guy. In other words, he believes he is the least interesting man in the world.