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DMP Integration

Tapping into the Digital Behavior of College Football Fans

The client, a popular sports network and content provider, recognized that the landscape of fandom is shifting away from TVs and toward digital channels and platforms. It needed to take a comprehensive look at college football fans to get beyond labels like “avid” and “casual,” and create deeper connections with them throughout their content consumption journey.

Keeping pace with the swift evolution of sports consumption

In order to maximize the client’s reach and understanding of the diverse, cross-platform audience of fans, we identified six distinct segments, each of whom watch the games for different reasons, on different screens, and in different viewing situations. We achieved this objective by segmenting fans on fundamental needs and attitudes toward the sport. We then tapped into our digital analytics practice to enrich the consumer profiles with literally thousands of data points about their overall lifestyle, behaviors, and especially their digital lives.

As a result, our client marketers and their ad partners can confidently and efficiently target digital marketing efforts to fans against their segment-specific attitudes and needs. Scoring databases enable our client to swiftly assess the impact of campaigns and adjust as needed to changing storylines and regional influences.

Moving the Goalpost

Moving the Goalpost

Changed the way the network approached college football marketing and programming decisions

Inspired Content Strategy

Inspired Content Strategy

Segments shared with content producers to inspire ideas aimed at specific target audiences

new direction

Advertiser Guidance

Allowed sponsors to make more educated decisions about where to place digital ads

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