Client Results

Informative Infographics

Creative Collateral to Drive Home Customer Segmentations

A global automaker made a major investment to understand its audience through a comprehensive customer segmentation. But what good are the segmentations if product, marketing, and sales teams aren’t using them to guide their work? The automaker wanted to create memorable collateral to keep customer segments top of mind across the entire company.

Designing outputs to align with the way employees work and behave

The client asked LRW to bring their audience segments to life in a way that would inspire its employees. But before we acted, we spent time getting to understand the organization, especially how its team members learn and make decisions. Through our efforts, we discovered that different teams within the organization had different processes of turning inspiration into action. As a result, we decided to produce several collateral materials that could be rolled out to different departments, depending on how well the materials fit within their scope of work.

LRW’s talented in-house team of designers developed the following materials that the automaker rolled out internally:

  • Infographics
  • Posters
  • Videos
  • Micro-sites
Eyes Wide Open icon

Seeing is Believing

Posters and infographics reminded teams of the segments they needed to reach

A Perfect Fit icon

A Perfect Fit

Collateral produced to align with how teams create and operate

Natural Resources icon

Natural Resources

Online microsites helped teams who wanted to dig deeper for more details

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