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Cashing in on Global Data Collection Methods

The client, a global leader in money transfer services, built an unparalleled reputation as a preferred destination for cash services over the course of several decades. But with new opportunities afforded by technology, the company wanted to push its analog, brick-and-mortar customers toward its digital platform, and it needed a way to measure these efforts.

A sensitive project that required unique expertise in data collection, and global reach

The client turned to LRW to build a global brand tracker, which presented more challenges than most brand trackers. First was the company’s massive global presence in more than 200 countries. Second was the niche audience that the client services, many of whom were migrant workers in developing markets who send money back home. While these markets offered strong business opportunities for the client, there was little-to-no research infrastructure in place in many of them.

Working with a network of proven and reliable sample partners on the ground in these markets, LRW was able to build a robust online sample. Quality control was our highest priority to weed out potential cheaters and repeat survey takers who could potentially skew results. We used a blend of technological methods (including secure algorithms) and human resources to filter out attempts at fraud. Investments in quality resulted in a comprehensive and reliable tracker that gave the client the measures and insights they needed to make informed decisions about their digital operation. Our relationship with the client remains strong after several years, with the brand tracker still active in four languages across the world.

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Quality Control

Human and tech safeguards ensure the most reliable data and insights

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International Affair

Built and maintained market research infrastructure in hard-to-reach markets

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A Lasting Partnership

Tracker remains active and successful after several years

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