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Building Brand Equity with Millennial Women

The payment category has exploded in a "new ways to pay" arms race as new tech brands have entered the fray. One payment provider was struggling to stand out with an important and financially powerful group: Millennial women. The client asked LRW to drive the client’s brand awareness and consideration with Millennial women, and increase brand relevance with this key demographic.

Confronting stereotypes to empower an overlooked segment of the financial population

In an effort to better understand the changing social norms around money in today’s world, we conducted a national survey to learn about Millennial women’s attitudes and behaviors regarding money in today’s world, spanning the subjects of family, work, friendship, relationships, and self. Knowing that talking about money is taboo for many, we needed to tap into underlying stereotypes and compare responses across generational cohorts to uncover these insights. We used projective techniques and a number of tools from our Pragmatic Brain Science Institute®, including linguistic coding and the BASE Framework, to connect with consumers’ fundamental needs and identify underlying perceptions that may drive behavior and decision-making.

  • The client used the data points to start a public conversation on social media and other digital channels to engage this critical group of consumers
  • Gave creative voice to the most compelling stats in digital activation campaign
  • The resulting PR campaign lifted brand relevance and ad recall KPIs
  • Increased perception of the client as an innovative brand
Data Driven Campaign

Data-Driven Campaign

Applied findings toward a digital push targeting Millennial women

Finding a New Voice

Finding a New Voice

Opened up dialogue among women who previously did not discuss money topics

To the Drawing Board

To the Drawing Board

Inspired unique animated digital PR campaign aimed at target audience

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